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CSA Headquarters building and grounds improvements 2007/2008

Hall with lotuses
Hall with lotuses 2 Five golden lotus ornaments have been added on the Meditation Hall roof. One at each corner and a larger one in the front center.
New Altar
A new altar centerpiece designed by Mr. Davis and Ron Lindahn (below) and a flat panel TV have been installed in the Meditation Hall.
Altar construction
Hall rededication The Meditation Hall was re-dedicated February 27, 2008
The Meditation Hall has been given a fresh coat of paint , carpets have been professionally cleaned and windows have been tinted to increase energy efficiency Painting Hall Painting Hall 2
White House White House demo 1
White House demo 2 The 'White House',
no longer sound, was removed and replaced with a new patio deck.
White House demo 3
White House demo 4 New patio 1 New patio 2 New patio 3
Temple texture
The Temple has been pressure washed and re-sealed, the interior walls have been textured and re-painted and the carpets have been cleaned.
Temple exterior
Pond 1 Pond 2 Pond 3 Silt was removed from the pond and a new drain installed
Tree removal 1 Several diseased and dying trees were removed and the stumps ground
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